Tangem Cryptocurrency Wallet 3 Card Pack


Latest version with the seed phrase option

“Revolutionize Your Crypto Security with Tangem 3 Card Wallet: The Ultimate in Digital Asset Protection. Our exclusive range of Tangem 3 Card Wallets offers unparalleled security for your cryptocurrency investments. Designed for discerning investors, these wallets blend cutting-edge technology with sleek design, ensuring your crypto assets are secure, accessible, and stylishly managed.”

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Tangem Cryptocurrency Wallet Overview

  1. Nature and Design: The Tangem Cryptocurrency Wallet is a self-custodial cold wallet used for storing digital assets. It’s a hardware wallet that allows users to store their assets offline in a physical card, offering a high level of security. The wallet is known for its sleek and minimalist design, with a matte black finish, making it not just a secure storage option but also a stylish accessory for modern crypto enthusiasts​
  2. Seed Phrase Option: In response to user requests, Tangem has introduced the option to import and export wallets via seed phrases. However, Tangem continues to recommend generating and storing private keys inside the card’s chip using a certified True Random Number Generator (TRNG) for enhanced security. Users have the option to generate a seed phrase with the Tangem app, import it to the card, or import a seed phrase from another wallet​
  3. App Features: Tangem’s app has been updated with features like dark mode, sorting and grouping tokens, hiding balance for privacy, and monitoring 24-hour token price changes. It also allows users to view BTC and ETH transaction histories directly in the app, simplifying the process of managing digital assets​
  4. Future Features: Tangem plans to add features such as a market data feature inside the app, an address book, cross-chain swap, staking, and more support for additional blockchain.


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Tangem Cryptocurrency Wallet three card
Tangem Cryptocurrency Wallet 3 Card Pack