Ledger Nano S Hardware Wallet Security

Bitcoin Hardware WalletSecurity is of the utmost importance and the security measures built into the Ledger Nano S are the best in the industry.

Secure Architecture

Thanks to its dual chip architecture, cryptographic attestation guarantees its firmware architecture.

Pin Code Protection

Every time your wallet is activated, your unique four digit PIN number is required, ensuring you – and only you – can make use of it.

Malware Protection

Malware is a serious concern for many, but not for Ledger Nano S users. Your secret cryptographic information is never revealed, even during an initialization or restoration, as these processes take place entirely within the wallet, ensuring your information is never exposed or vulnerable.

Perfect Privacy

Only you have access to your private keys. They are not available to any third party, including Ledger, ensuring your privacy can never be compromised.

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